Chandler Commons

Upcoming Events:
Annual Meeting
Monday February 19th at 7:00 pm
Old Town Hall
Lamp Post Info:
In accordance with the City of Strongsville lamp posts shall be maintained in working order to provide the illumination of the property and the public rights-of-way to the extent intended in the original design and installation of those post lamps for the protection of the safety of the general public.  The board will provide the City of Strongsville with a list of non-conforming properties so they can start the notification and enforcement process in accordance with the city ordinance.
Neighborhood Safety:
If you see something, say something.  Please contact the police if you observe any activity that does not seem right.  If neighbors are on vacation and you see someone in the house, it is usually a bad sign.  If you see or hear people roaming the area at night call the police.  Vandalism, damage, and theft usually take place at night.  Police would rather be called to false alarms than not be called and complete crime reports later on. 
Pet Cleanup:
Please continue to clean-up after your pet.  If you take your pet to a common area you are still responsible for cleaning up after them and taking it home.  Clean-up bags should not be left in any common area.     
Annual Dues
Friday, March 15, 2024
Payment must be received by March 15th.
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Our neighborhood offers a community swimming pool, pavilion with fireplace, sand volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, baseball field, and playground.

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